About Sanki Global

Sanki Global is a health and wellness company inspiring others to improve their lives through fitness and nutrition. Our innovative supplements are made more powerful by our commitment to continued health education. Our company message is shared by independent entrepreneurs, also known as Wellness Advisors. With Sanki Global, you can Live Your Dreams!


 Our Culture

Omotenashi is a Japanese word that stands for hospitality and honesty. It means to serve without expecting anything in return. Omotenashi involves true concert, awareness, and anticipation of the needs of customers.

Sanki is a Nano-biotechnology company with an Omotenashi culture. We offer a unique experience through our innovative products and services. Our main motivation is your well-being and helping you find your true life’s purpose.

amo_a_ramiroTo be a Global source of wellness, dedicated to help you evolve without limits in order to achieve your purpose in life.


Alejandro López Tello founded Sanki Global after he visited the world-renowned Nano-biotechnology laboratory Sanki Mayor in Japan. His trip resulted in a partnership with Sanki Mayor. This partnership created an international Nano-biotechnology company that features a direct sales business distribution system combined with advanced Japanese biotechnologies.


Company Founders

The Sanki founders are a passionate team of professionals with years of successful business building experience in marketing, technology, logistics and personal development.





 At Sanki, we believe in abundance through creativity and value innovation. Our Blue Ocean Strategy generates market demand. It differentiates us from traditional business practices being used in the marketplace. Through Nano-biotechnology, Sanki has changed the lives of our customer with our ongoing commitment to effective health solutions. We are dedicated to our community.



Blue Ocean Strategy is a book published in 2005 and written by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. based on a study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than a hundred years and thirty industries. Kim & Mauborgne argue that companies can succeed not by battling competitors, but rather by creating blue oceans of uncontested market space.