Krono Wellness System

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Krono Wellness System

Sanki’s products are formulated by a team of Japanese and European doctors, biochemists, and scientists to naturally jump start the metabolism, detoxify at the cellular level, and improve healthy cellular regeneration. Our laboratory, Sanki Mayor, is focused on bringing product innovations that support and enhance natural nutrition and health. The Krono Wellness System features ingredients designed by nature and carefully nurtured by our scientists to maximize results.


How it works:

With over 14 quadrillion nanoparticles per packet, our products quickly penetrate the cell walls and help optimize the body’s power centers, trillions of mitochondria. Our Krono Wellness System provides deep cellular cleansing of dangerous toxins damaging our bodies and powerful protection to keep us healthy. This quick absorption can also create a visible increase in microcirculation, decreasing dangerous inflammation, allowing the body to heal itself naturally.


– Removes toxins in the body
– Boost Energy levels
– Help slow the aging process
– Improve circulation
– Help decrease inflammation
– Help the body repair itself at the cellular level
– Aid in the digestive process
– Improve metabolism
– Reduce fat accumulation
– Support Weight Management



BelAge includes two key ingredients: Olive Leaf and Rosemary. Both are extremely powerful antioxidants when combined through our fermentation process, helping detoxify at the cellular level and aiding in reducing inflammation. Kronuit Fire adds black bean compounds to a powerful formula, protecting the cells and facilitating the maximum digestion of sugars and fats.


Directions for use:

Start your day by taking BelAge with a glass of water, preferably with breakfast, to detoxify the body and increase energy. In the evening, drink Kronuit Fire at dinner or before bed with warm water.

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